Regional Geostartegic Challenges: Golden Ring Bloc-An Opportunity For Pakistan's Strategic & Economic Security

Published in: October, November, December (2020) Volume-1


GREF has planned a second series of webinars to discuss the “Changing regional geostrategic environment and how Pakistan can extract maximum benefit from it”. There will be a total of three webinars as follows,
1. Defense & National Security and relationship with Golden Ring countries;
2. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy and relationship with Golden Ring countries;
3. Media joint initiatives of Golden Ring countries. Through this series of Webinars GREF seeks to generate a discussion on the effects of the evolving regional developments around Pakistan, internal political scenario and how Pakistan can adjust to the evolving opportunities in the short and medium term for its strategic security in sync with Golden Ring countries. The first two webinars will comprise speakers who have been Defense Secretaries / National Security Advisor and Foreign Secretaries. The third webinar will comprise of media persons as media plays a very prominent role in projecting and promoting national narrative, point of view and policies of countries and is driver of public opinion.