Membership FAQs

1.   Who can Join GREF (Pakistan Section)? Any Pakistani who believes he/she can contribute towards the greater national interest selflessly, above his/her personal, political and religious interests. Who is willing to make available his/her time and/or resources towards the objectives of GREF for strengthening of National Economics Security and Defense. Who can contribute in research work related to economic, diplomatic, defense and trade relations between GREF member’s countries leading to formation of a new strategic economic bloc of these countries.

2.      Are There Any Benefits in Joining GREF? As stated in point-1 above GREF membership is without any self-interests purely in the national interests. But there will be some direct and some indirect benefits. GREF meetings are generally with the high ranking  and senior governmental and military officials, leading businessmen and bankers, top political figures and high diplomatic circles. These meetings primarily aim for lobbying for Pakistan’s economic and trade development and sometimes track-2 diplomacy too. Therefore, by being a member, one would be part of these meetings and activities and can develop his/her personal contacts with other side for his/her business. 

3.      How To Become A Member? The membership is by invitation and nomination only. Anyone who wishes to join GREF has to send (email) a formed request in official letter head (if retired then on plain paper) along with visiting card and one or two pages CV. Membership Committee will process the application and send recommendations to Board of Governors which in turn will give final decision. Once approved by the BoG a formal invitation will be sent by GREF. Then Membership Form can be filled and submitted with a check/Pay order or a Bank Draft in favor of “Golden Ring Economic Forum” for an amount of Rs. 300,000/= (Rupees Three Hundred Thousand only) per year as individual Membership fee.  

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